Event Of Death

What to do in the event of Death!

To ease the burden of your relatives in the event of death, it is suggested to:

  • prepare a mandate in the event of incapacity
  • make a will
  • express your wishes by a living will and/or organ donation, do prearrangements for funeral services and for burial.

What are your responsibilities as a Liquidator of an estate?

  • obtain proof of death
  • search for a will

To find out whether a will was deposited with a lawyer,contact the "Barreau du Québec" 1-800-361-8495.

To find out whether there is a notarized will, contact the "Chambre des notaires du Québec" 1-800-361-5201.

  • do the inventory and partition of the estate
  • do the transfer of funds from financial institutions
  • complete the tax returns of the deceased person

Do not hesitate to contact a Notary or your Credit Union.